International Baccalaureate (IB)



Mathematics is an obligatory course for a student to earn an IB Diploma. There are two mathematics courses, both offered at a Standard and Higher Level:

  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation

A student chooses one among these options at a Standard (SL) or Higher (HL) Level, according to his/her desired university degree in close collaboration with their school. However, some schools do not offer all four options because of lack of staff or restrictions due to the students’ choices.

I am academically qualified to teach both courses at any level, and have been awarded certificates from the International Baccalaureate Organization (I.B.O.) for my successful participation in their workshop courses.

This is an ongoing process and I am continuously engaged in lifelong education to improve my knowledge and sharpen my IB Mathematics specialization. Students and their parents seeking a tutor specialized in IB’s specific courses therefore benefit from someone who has not just studied Mathematics!

In addition to my personal notes, I offer my students all of the coursebooks needed for IB Mathematics. Moreover, my office is equipped with everything else needed to make the lesson an enjoyable and productive experience.

Internal Assessment supervision

Internal assessment (IA) is a required component of the IB Mathematics course for both SL and HL students, and it contributes 20% to the final mark. IA is a piece of written work in which students investigate a mathematical subject. It allows them to demonstrate the application of their talents and abilities, while following their personal interests without the time limits and other restrictions inherent in the written exams. Internal assessment should be woven into regular classroom instruction as much as possible, rather than being a stand-alone consideration after the course has been taught.

It is graded on the basis of five parameters:

  • Presentation
  • Mathematical communication
  • Personal engagement
  • Reflection
  • Use of mathematics

    Unfortunately, many schools don’t offer students as much help as they need with IA, and they feel alone facing a task which seems insurmountable. I have helped many students to write impressive mathematical explorations for their IA which have been always graded with the highest possible marks. I am aware of the official IB guidelines, and am equally conscious of the obligation for academic honesty. I counsel students as to where to start, which books and articles they should study and, of course, how to record the results of their research.

    All the IA investigations of my students written under my supervision are kept in my portfolio. I am proud of the highly graded IA mathematical explorations I have supervised, and can arrange for you to see them at any time, if interested.

    Please get in touch with me for reliable and cost-effective assistance with your internal assessment mathematical exploration (IA).

    Extended Essay supervision

    Extended Essay (EE) in mathematics is not a popular choice for IB students, but it is a wonderful journey for those who dare to take it. I like to say that if the IA exploration is analogous to a Master thesis, then the Extended Essay is the Ph.D. dissertation!

    Having sound expertise in IB Extended Essays in mathematics, I welcome anyone seeking reliable support. Extended Essay is an indispensable component for earning an IB Diploma, and it must be carefully written for students to attain its three marks, along with TOK.

    These are some (but not all) of my contributions to students’ EE:

    • Suggesting topics for the EE, based on their personal interests and skills
    • Guiding their search for resources and the bibliography
    • Informing them about the assessment criteria
    • Discussing their ideas and helping them to formulate their EE research question
    • Counselling them as to how to compose their essay, paying attention to the correct use of citations, quotations, references, footnotes, etc.
    • Supervising their work by carefully reviewing their writing and providing suitable feedback
    • Help them to prepare and compose the three compulsory reflection forms (RPPF) needed for the IB. This is very important as they contribute 18% to the EE grade.

    Don’t be hesitant and give mathematics a chance in your Extended Essay subject selection! You won’t be alone, and we will enjoy the journey together!

    IB Mathematics Courses at GAVRAS Math Prep

    Depending on the specific interests of students and seasonal needs, I offer numerous options for IB students such as:

    • Regular math courses alongside the school curriculum to improve understanding and achieve higher grades at tests
    • Winter and Easter practice tests (mock exams) for better results in actual IB math exams
    • Pre-IB math courses for students intending to enroll in the IB program; be well prepared!
    • Mid-IB math courses for students having completed the first year of the IB program; go ahead and efficiently study the rest of the syllabus!
    • Retaking courses for students who need to repeat math examinations, but don’t want to go back to school or whose institution is unable to accommodate their needs

    What about the other IB Diploma courses?

    Don’t worry — there are a few carefully selected and skilled private tutors for all the other IB courses (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Management, English, TOK etc.) who collaborate with me, so every student will be completely prepared for IB exams. They are all highly qualified and have a track record of delivering dependable tuition services to my students with proven success.