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About me

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I am a private tutor of mathematics who is indeed a mathematician! There are many people claiming that they teach mathematics, but only few of them hold a mathematics degree. Mathematical studies in a recognized university provides students not just with mathematical skills, but with a solid theoretical background, as well. I strongly believe that mathematics should be taught by mathematicians, in order to most effectively train students to think quantitatively and abstractly, and develop an inquiring relationship with math.

Methods of tutoring

As our world is continuously evolving, I use many different tutoring methods in order to provide the best mathematical support for my students, depending on their needs and constraints.

I offer students refined mathematical support to help them cope with their school work, deepen their mathematical concepts…

Well before COVID-19 pandemic, I was familiar with the use of the internet to deliver my lessons. I had students from all over the worl…

I own a modern office in the business heart of Marousi, a suburb of Athens. It is equipped with everything to make students feel comfortable, safe…

Although many students prefer to have face-to-face tutoring, it is not always possible because of a shortage of time, bad weather or lack of transport…

I try to meet my students in person, at least once, wherever they live in Europe. I enjoy collaborating with students from different international schools…


1. What are the means of paying your tuition fees?

The most common means of payment is via bank transfer. And, of course, tax receipts are issued. PayPal is another popular way to pay tuition fees. Students who prefer in-person lessons can also pay in cash. Furthermore, I expect that soon it will be possible to use a credit or debit card directly from this website.

2. A friend of mine is an engineer with a university masters degree. Could I rely on him to teach mathematics to my child?

This is a subjective decision; however, people often ask me this question. I prefer not to answer definitively, but in general I think that teaching/tutoring mathematics is not just a matter of university degrees, but an undertaking that presupposes professional dedication. I am sure that there are mathematics degree holders more qualified than me in academic terms, but the experience I have acquired from spending all of my time with students – helping them to love mathematics and succeed in their exams – is invaluable.

3. My son/daughter is a student in the IB program at Pierce, The American College of Greece. Could you undertake his/her mathematical tutoring?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept students from Pierce, The American College of Greece, because I am a proud member of its teaching faculty. I teach IB Mathematics at Pierce College at the both Higher and Standard Levels, so it  would not be fair to collaborate with any student at that school, either directly or indirectly.

To be frank, I believe that no student at Pierce College needs external support as its teachers are well-experienced, highly skilled, and extremely qualified. In addition, there is a general attitude at the American College of Greece which inspires teachers and students to perform as efficiently as they can. So, don’t worry if your child is a student of Pierce College — just trust its services!

4. My son/daughter is a student at Anatolia College/Pinewood School. Could you undertake his/her mathematical tutoring?

Yes, of course! There are many students at those schools who have been students of mine, and I closely track their mathematical courses. Not only do I accept pupils from those two schools, but I commit to visiting them in Thessaloniki at least twice during each academic year. My educational visits to Thessaloniki have been established as customary for my students at those schools. And for that reason, I have rented an office in Thessaloniki, where students from Anatolia College/Pinewood School can enjoy professional mathematical support from GAVRAS Math Prep.

5. It seems that your time is already fairly stretched; as the week has limited hours available for lessons, will there be time left for tutoring my child?

Time management is a huge challenge not only for students, but for their instructors as well. I try to save time by avoiding unnecessary activities and keeping myself alert and energetic so I can conduct my lessons efficiently. Furthermore, I stay abreast of educational news regarding mathematics, as I know that students expect me to be always well prepared and informed. Consequently, there are specific hours during the day when I tutor students, and one should try to obtain a place as early as possible in my weekly schedule. In any event, I do my best not to exclude any student!

6. What if you are not available or we can’t find a time slot which suits both you and my child?

I try to personally tutor every student who needs math exam preparation. However, if I can’t help you immediately, I will introduce you to my teaching assistant who works under my strict supervision until I am available. In such cases, I take responsibility for the quality of the lessons which are guided by me. Students who work with my teaching assistant do, of course, have priority to continue their tuition with me when a time slot becomes in available my schedule.

7. Mathematics is a common subject for a student to ask support for, but what about other subjects? Can you help us with those, as well?

Yes, of course! I collaborate with tutors in many other courses, like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Management, Modern Greek, English, History etc. who are skilled and ready to assist. They have been carefully selected to ensure that they will efficiently support my students in these other subjects, and I have never regretted any of my recommendations!

Particularly regarding the International Baccalaureate (IB), I have a successful and long-standing collaboration with Ariston IB Tutors, who have a great deal of experience and proven track record in the private tutoring of all IB courses. My students are a high priority for them whenever they need their help, so all my pupils should feel educationally secure and confident!