Although math tutoring is my main area of focus, there is a growing need from students and parents for further support on their route to higher learning. So, I have established a group of expert consultants for any issue that I am not fully qualified to undertake myself.


Quite often, students are confused because they do not know which specific mathematical course they should choose. This is very common with the IB Diploma program due to its dual route of mathematics courses, but it happens with other programs, as well.

Selecting other subjects, beyond mathematics, is also a challenge for many students. I will gladly meet in person with anyone interested in developing their area of study, even if they are not my pupils. I devote a considerable amount of time to helping students build a personalized educational program according to their needs, their abilities and their university goals. I strongly believe that the right choice of courses has significant impact on each student’s progress, and thus every candidate should be informed in depth.

After that initial issue has been resolved, I remain available to advise my students about anything that concerns them, such as finding the right topic for the Internal Assessment exploration (for IB students), stress management, exam techniques, etc.

Time management

A common issue during many students’ exam preparation is their inability to organize their time in a productive and efficient way. Consequently, students who used to perform very well in previous years complain that they cannot continue to do so consistently, although they would sincerely like to. In addition, not having found adequate time to rest, they often feel tired, so their performance remains reduced. I help students resolve this substantial issue by interviewing them at regular intervals, and by designing personalized study schedules using time management software. This process lasts during the entire preparation for exams, and their study schedules are frequently reviewed for any possible adjustments.

University admissions

Applying to universities is a complicated and time-consuming procedure which necessitates detailed knowledge and effective research. I often become aware of good students with high exam performances, who unfortunately fail to be accepted to the universities of their first choice due to their deficient application strategy.

I collaborate with university admission experts in order to provide my students with all the guidance and help they need to be accepted to highly ranked UK and global universities. They offer, among other services, UCAS and Common App application advice, Oxford and Cambridge interview preparation, USA college application guidance, and personal statements supervision.