About Me

I am a private tutor of mathematics who is indeed a mathematician! There are many people claiming that they teach mathematics, but only few of them hold a mathematics degree. Mathematical studies in a recognized university provides students not just with mathematical skills, but with a solid theoretical background, as well. I strongly believe that mathematics should be taught by mathematicians, in order to most effectively train students to think quantitatively and abstractly, and develop an inquiring relationship with math.

Academic degrees

I hold a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Mathematics from the University of Athens, Greece. Additionally, I have a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Statistics & Operations Research from the same University. My Master’s thesis was about Generalized Linear Models and their applications in analyzing discrete data. I also earned several certificates in Digital Humanities from the Leipzig University, Germany, having participated for three years in their European Summer University program on Digital Humanities.

Examination boards

A sound knowledge of mathematics is not sufficient to teach mathematics for specific examination boards and the numerous kinds of syllabi. Each program has its own peculiarities, and a tutor should be always up-to-date on their requirements to deliver effective lessons. I have been officially certified to teach mathematics by many different examination boards, and specialize in teaching mathematics for the International Baccalaureate, mathematics for A Levels, and the quantitative part of aptitude tests like SAT and ACT.

Assessment expertise

I strongly believe that effective teaching of mathematics must be supported by a deep understanding of a student’s evaluation. Thus, I am a member of the Cambridge Assessment Network and have successfully participated in assessment courses from the University of Cambridge. I am continuously undergoing further training in assessment from Cambridge Assessment which is a department of the University of Cambridge.