Digital SAT

Digital SAT

SAT Math Section

Regarding studies in the USA, the SAT is a commonly used standardized examination for college admissions. The College Board, an independent, not-for-profit corporation based in the United States, is entirely responsible for their development and conducting the SAT exams.

The Math section is critical for college and career success and covers Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, Geometry, and Trigonometry. It is divided into two modules, like the Reading and Writing section. Throughout the Math section, you will encounter multiple-choice and student-produced response questions that assess your fluency, understanding, and ability to apply essential math concepts, skills, and practices. About 30% of the Math questions are presented in real-world scenarios and require you to use your math skills, knowledge, and an understanding of the context to determine the answer to each.

Many of my students ask me to help them prepare for the math section of the SAT. Consequently, I have developed a well-structured and flexible program which aims to reenforce pupils with the specific mathematical skills which are assessed by the SAT. As well, many real past exam papers are given to students to practice and test their scores and time management.

I offer a number of options regarding SAT math preparation, taking into account critical factors for tutoring, such as:

  • Whether the student is an IB Diploma or A Levels candidate
  • The student’s mathematical background
  • The student’s past experience in taking exams
  • The student’s skills at manipulating a scientific calculator

I prepare both IB and A Level students – as well as students interested exclusively in the SAT – for the math section of the exam.

What about the English Section?

Apart from the math section, Digital SAT includes one more section, “Reading and Writing,” which constitutes the English part of the test. Solid preparation presupposes that the candidate is prepared not only for the math but for the English section, as well. Unfortunately, there are many cases where students do well in the math section, but fail to achieve a high score in English.

Although I am a mathematician, I strongly believe that the key to conquering SAT exams is systematic preparation for the English section. All of my students quickly become ready for the SAT math section; the challenge is also to be prepared for the English section. For that reason, there are experienced and specialized English teachers who effectively assist me, so that students are equally well-prepared for all sections of SAT.

Other College Board tests

Although there is less demand for other tests which the College Board offers, I have successfully tutored students in order to be well-prepared for these tests. I have a large number of coursebooks and online material to offer students specific math preparation for these including:

  • PSAT 10
  • PSAT 8/9