Methods of Tutoring

As our world is continuously evolving, I use many different tutoring methods in order to provide the best mathematical support for my students, depending on their needs and constraints.

Tutor vs Teacher

Tutoring vs. Teaching

I offer students refined mathematical support to help them cope with their school work, deepen their mathematical concepts, and become fully aware of the tasks they undertake in order to succeed in their midterm and final examinations. This is the quintessence of tutoring in contrast with teaching which mainly involves a more primary educational process. Of course, in some cases like A-Level exam preparation, I act as a teacher as well, because those courses are not always given in schools, and thus I exclusively undertake their preparation.

Among the advantages of tutoring as against teaching are:

  • Tutoring addresses individual students or a very small group of students, while teaching addresses a large number of students at once
  • Tutors can tailor the lesson to suit the learning capacity of the student, while a teacher must follow a standard procedure for an entire class
  • Tutors can give attention to individual students which is more difficult for school teachers
  • Tutoring can be done online at any time which is convenient for both the tutor and the student

Online tutoring

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was familiar with the use of the internet to deliver my lessons. I had students from all over the world (Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, etc.); consequently, there was no other option but to tutor online. I have made a considerable financial investment in suitable equipment in order to transform online lessons into an almost face-to-face experience. Students only need a stable internet connection and a computer, nothing else. Online courses can be recorded so pupils can go back and review them, as well as access class notes, worksheets, revisions, and other learning tools. So numerous are the advantages of online learning, that many students ask for the use of the technology at their in-person lessons, even though they are physically next to their tutor!

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Face-to-face tutoring

I own a modern office in the business heart of Marousi, a suburb of Athens. It is equipped with everything to make students feel comfortable, safe, and inspire them to be actively engaged in the learning of mathematics. The numerous mathematical textbooks in my personal library are available to my students for studying and borrowing. Furthermore, I am nearly always present in my office and, aside from tutoring, am available to help students who drop by with their studying and homework.

Blended tutoring

Although many students prefer to have face-to-face tutoring, it is not always possible because of a shortage of time, bad weather, or lack of transport. In such cases, blended tutoring is a good solution, as it combines the benefits of the previous two approaches. In these instances, students visit my office whenever it is feasible, then meet with me virtually for the remainder of the lessons.

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Meetings everywhere abroad

I try to meet my students in person, at least once, wherever they live in Europe or further abroad. I enjoy collaborating with students from different international schools and I invest time in interpersonal relationships. Thus, every student feels that I am beside them in their fight to succeed in their final exams!